The Town of Kiawah Island has a rich and storied history. Prior to 1600, native Americans inhabited the island. Next, it fell under the rule of pirates. Agriculturalists then farmed the island for years until a group of visionaries recognized Kiawah Island’s natural beauty. It was destined to become the premier island community on the eastern Atlantic Ocean coastline. To learn more about Kiawah Island’s history read here.

Town of Kiawah Island

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The Town of Kiawah Island’s mission remains to preserve and enhance the residential character of the community; protect the island’s unique natural environment; and support the viability of resort activities along with other commercial and residential interests.

These aims are reflected in the daily commitment to administering services that foster, strengthen and preserve the quality of life for all Kiawah Island residents and visitors.


Town of Kiawah Island: Services Offered

  • Planning and zoning
  • Building inspection services
  • Wildlife management
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Public Safety
  • Arts Council
  • Garbage Collection
  • Disaster Recovery

Town of Kiawah FAQ's

  • Are Short Term Rentals Allowed in the Town of Kiawah Island?

Short term rentals are permitted on Kiawah Island. Kiawah Island remains a top resort destination in the United States. To preserve the quality of experience for residents and visitors, The Town of Kiawah Island Council passed a short term rental ordinance designed to govern the commercial activities of short term rentals offered on Kiawah Island. 

If you are planning to purchase a home or villa and offer it as a vacation rental please review the short term rental ordinance on Kiawah Island.  Your real estate professional at Pam Harrington Exclusives can help guide you to all the pertinent information if you are considering purchasing an investment home or villa on Kiawah Island.

  • What amenities are available to Kiawah Island property owners? 

Property owners on Kiawah Island enjoy membership to the Kiawah Island Community Association. Membership includes island communications, community events, access to additional property maintenance services, and 24 hour security. 

The Sandcastle Clubhouse and Beachwalker Center offer many recreation services and a fabulous oceanfront pool area for residents.

Visit the KICA website for more details on community services available to Kiawah Island property owners. 

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