Build on Your Lot in Kiawah Island, SC – Here’s What to Know

Are you thinking of purchasing a lot or homesite on one of Charleston’s barrier islands?  Perhaps you are considering a custom build on your own lot on Kiawah island?

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When you are ready to build on your own lot in Kiawah Island, SC, you may opt to live in your new custom home full time and enjoy a lifestyle unmatched in any other Charleston island community. Or, you may be purchasing property intended primarily to be an investment, and enjoy it as a second home. 

Many investors build homes on Kiawah Island and offer them as a vacation rental to offset costs. When you’re ready to sell your Kiawah Island home, you may elect for a 1031 exchange towards another investment property or list and sell like any other residential property.

Things to Consider When You Build a Custom Home in Kiawah Island, SC

Building your dream home on Kiawah Island starts with securing the perfect location. Once you select your home site in the neighborhood you desire, you are ready to embark on your journey to becoming a Kiawah Island home owner. Take a few moments and read our “Strategic Stages to Building Your Dream Home” on Kiawah Island.

Strategic Stages: Building your Custom Home on Kiawah Island

Once you have chosen a particular home site, here are the stages of building your dream home on Kiawah Island:

  • Hire your architect. Your next steps begin with a plan of how you envision your dream home. A good architect gets to know you, your family, and your tastes. A great architect offers valuable insights and brings value to your project.

You may choose to work with an architect that serves as a project manager, overseeing the entire building process. We suggest interviewing several licensed professionals before choosing the architect who will build your home on Kiawah Island.

  • Hire your licensed building contractor. It is important to meet with several custom home builders.  Make sure the builder is properly licensed to work on Kiawah Island, and experienced with the nuances and regulations of our beachfront community.

Oftentimes architects partner with builders, offering a synergistic relationship from vision to build out.

Here is a great resource for identifying several top custom home builders in the Charleston area.        

Once you have hired your architect and builder, the design process begins.

Typically, the timeline for building a custom home on Kiawah Island is 14-18 months. 

Design approvals, changes to the design or changes in materials, and weather may impact the timeline from start to completion.  Once you have an architect and builder selected, it’s time to build your Kiawah Island home. 

Before you commence, we have one more recommendation to add to your project team - Consult with a professional designer.  Building a home long distance can be challenging.  There are so many elements to consider when building a home. 

Lighting, furnishings, décor and how your family will use your home are just a few considerations. 

A professional designer will help create beautiful, functional spaces and can be the onsite point person who oversees the purchase and installation of furnishings and décor.

Next Steps for Your Kiawah Island Build

    1. Get a feel for your home site. Spend some time walking your home site. Visit at different times of the day. Envision your view, where the prevailing breezes flow and how the sun rises/sets over your home site. Consider how your home will blend in with its natural surroundings.
    2. Bring your design to life with your architect. Your architect will draft the schematic plans and submit them to the Kiawah Island Architectural Review Board aka ARB, for approval.
    3. The Builder creates the construction plan. This detailed construction plan includes pricing and will be submitted to the ARB for final approval.
    4. Submit the ARB approved construction plan to the Town of Kiawah Island for approval. The Town of Kiawah Island reviews all permits for building. Once approved, materials may be procured.
    5. Preparing the site and acquiring materials. The construction plan is ready to proceed after one more step! The materials, once on-site, will be reviewed to ensure they comply with the design and are harmonious with the community standards.
    6. The building of your dream home begins!


Find Your Perfect Setting on Charleston’s Sea Islands

Completing a build on your own lot in Kiawah Island, SC is no small endeavor. When all is said and done, it’s well worth the time and effort to truly customize your dream home with the views of the Lowcountry that you love. 

Our local agents are well versed in all things Kiawah Island Real Estate, including 1031 exchanges, investment properties and vacation rentals. When you see something that peaks your interest, we’ll be here to help with every detail of the process.

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