What Are the Best Beaches Near Charleston, SC?

Beaches in Charleston are some of the best in the country! Smooth sand, blue skies, and great year-round weather combine to create the ideal coastal vacation destination. Our South Carolina coast offers miles of pristine beaches with many family-friendly activities.

Charleston vs. Savannah: Which is Better?

Savannah or Charleston to live? Well, that’s a loaded question. Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, are two beautiful sisters of the South. Both offer natural beauty, mouthwatering food, and

The Best Charleston, SC Family Vacations

Vacationing with family is an investment into one of the most important things in life: quality time with the ones you love. This logic goes beyond sentimentality. Experts state that spending time

5 of the Best Charleston Boat Tours

Charleston, SC, is a brilliant city. The seascapes, islands, and incredible church steeples beckon you to explore. Although the Holy City views are beautiful on land, nothing compares to the