The Pirates Have Docked at Bohicket Marina!

Harrrr Maties!  The pirates have landed at Bohicket Marina.  Join Captain Rhett and his first mate and sneaky Pete for a fun, interactive adventure for the entire family!

Booking was so easy!  We called in the morning and by noon Captain Rhett was set to greet us at the marina.  We were a full crew: 2-year-old twins, a 4-year-old, two seven-year-olds, and two young ladies ages 10 and 12.  With three adults, the captain has assured a full crew for the adventure!

The Pirates arrived with full regalia and pirate gear for all the kids:  pirate vests, hats, swords and even face paint for the important facial hair and battle scars. Then the kids received their pirate name. “Gangplank George” and “Mutiny Monte” were ready to set sail.

The Black Ghost, a 45 ft wooden vessel sets sail for little over an hour in the Bohicket River.  Dolphins are often spotted as the ship makes its way to Rockville and back.  The pirate adventure includes map reading, sword and gun practice, swabbing the deck and looking out for sneaky Pete who stole the keys to the treasure box.  Don’t worry.. the Black Ghost crew is prepared and won’t lose the precious cargo treasure.

As we left the ship my son immediately asked when we could do it again.  We had a blast on “the high seas” and were left with lots of pirate booty to take home.  This adventure is most appropriate for swashbucklers from age 2-10.  Check out the fun and book your reservation online: