Why Guests Should Book Direct

dinner tableOkay, its time to book your annual beach vacation!  You have consulted with the family, coordinated the school, work, sports and music lesson schedules and nailed down the week.  The family agrees that last year’s vacation on Seabrook Island was one of the best ever!  The consensus is to recreate the magic and visit either Kiawah Island or Seabrook Island again.  So you have your dates, you have narrowed down the destination, now what?

The internet is overflowing with sites and OTA (online travel agent) distribution sites.  VRBO, Homeaway, Air B and B and others vie for your hard earned vacation dollars.  But these companies don’t know the homes and now add fees on top of the standard rental charges.  What to do?  #BOOKDIRECT

Here are the reasons you benefit MORE from booking directly with the local property managing agent.



When you use online travel agencies (OTAs such as VRBO, Air B and B, Booking.com, and Homeaway you are paying extra fees, often hundreds of dollars.  These fees are often hidden in the rental and not readily visible.  VRBO used to be a listing site where owners managed and listed their own properties.  This site is now owned by EXPEDIA and discount negotiations directly with owners is no longer possible prior to booking.



Nobody wants to consider a bump in their vacation, but occasionally things happen.  Who will be there for you when the air conditioner breaks?  What if the door lock doesn’t work? What if the property suffers a problem and is not available for your stay?  Who will work with you to find another great option?  Working with a local agent ensures you will get the personalized service and attention you deserve on your hard earned vacation.



A call center in Wyoming cannot possibly know the nuances of a home in Seabrook Island, South Carolina or Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  How is the beach at high tide?  How long does it take to walk to the beach?  Where is the best place to buy groceries?  Are there any good places for live music?  An off-site booking service will only be able to look at the same internet data as a traveler.  Our local reservation specialists live here, work here, and play here.  Everyone has their favorites!  We know about special promotions, last minute discounts, and have relationships with local vendors that online travel agents do not enjoy.  We love assisting our guests with arranging the perfect vacation with lots of experiential memories!  \



When you search the property management websites you are assured to see all the available options!  Only a select number of properties are listed on VRBO and other sites.  That number is dwindling each year too!



Due to rising costs on the OTAs often times the most desirable homes are not being listed on the OTAs.  Our local property management companies are often family owned and by #bookingdirect you support not only the local management team but ensure you are seeking all the best options and enhancing the local economy as well.  #buylocal


February 6th is national #bookdirect day!  The vacation rental industry celebrates this day as a day to help travelers understand the difference between booking on an OTA versus booking directly with a local property management company.  Pamharringtonexclusives.com

is your best source for the most desirable vacation homes coupled with exceptional service from our renowned staff.  With over 40 years of service to the Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island resort communities, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with crafting your next best vacation.


So no matter where your vacation takes you this year, seek out a local representative to help you find the accommodations that best fit your family’s needs and enjoy their knowledge and service to craft the best vacation of memory!  Happy Traveling!