Bringing the excitement of play-based learning into the lives of local and visiting island children. Fun adventures, love of learning through structured and free play activity.

An extra bonus…Perfectly Poppins comes to you!! Feel confident in knowing that your children are relaxed and safe in the environment that you have provided. Familiar surroundings provide a more comfortable environment for a child, which encourages them to embrace the fun and thoughtful activities we offer.

Perfectly Poppins will provide a spectacular in-home family event for your convenience that will enhance your beautiful celebration of being together on The Islands.

Our amazing options include but are not limited to:

  • Perfectly Poppins Palooza Party (family game night) – This event will take you back to your childhood games that you can share and experience with your children including tug-a-war, water balloon toss, musical chairs and hula hoop contest. Who will win the gold medal?
  • Perfectly Poppins Painting Party – Inspire your inner artistry skills and light up your imagination while participating in this creative event. A gallery show that can’t be beat!
  • Special Celebration Parties – A variety of customized parties to remember for a lifetime. These milestone parties include holidays, birthdays, graduations, reunions and much more!
  • We offer an array of optional add-ons for you to choose during your complimentary consultation with Angelina Multari, Event Manager.  / 518-935-8050.



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Poppins Policy: A 50% deposit will be taken upon your service booking. Please give us 48 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling your service. If you cancel, miss or are late rescheduling your service within this time frame, your initial 50% booking deposit will be charged to your account. We have a three-hour service minimum. Thank you.