• Family Sports Membership

The Family Sports Membership to the Kiawah Island Club entitles the Member and his / her family to use all facilities at the River Course, Cassique, Sports Pavilion, Sasanqua Spa and The Beach Club with payment of a reduced Sports member green’s fee. A cart / caddie fee will be charged.

  • Individual Sports Membership

The Individual Sports Membership to the Kiawah Island Club entitles only the designated member to Sports Membership privileges. Immediate family members may use all of the tennis, beach, fitness, swimming, dining and social facilities at the Club as a Social member, but without tennis court fees, and will have some restrictions golf in accordance with the Club’s Rules and Regulations.

How much is a Kiawah Island Club Sports Membership?

Initiation deposit of $125,000 is due upon submitting application; 80% refundable.

Monthly dues:

Family – $1,520 resident / $1,265 non-resident

Individual – $1,320 resident / $1,120 non-resident

Kiawah Island Club Amenities