Have the Best Day Bass Fishing at This Kiawah Island Fishing Pier

Whether you enjoy sunbathing on the sand, kayaking, boating, watching dolphins, or just observing the atmosphere, it’s easy to cherish time spent on or near a body of water. If angling is your pastime of choice, Kiawah Island, SC, is a place you need to visit. In addition to fishing in the vast Atlantic Ocean, there are also many smaller waterways where you can cast a line. The Kiawah Island fishing pier near Rhett’s Bluff is one of them. Experience it for yourself when you come to the South Carolina Lowcountry.

A day at the Kiawah Island fishing pier is one of many ways to enjoy the beauty of the South Carolina coast. To find out more, visit the Kiawah Island Area Information page. In addition to other fun things to do, it contains tips about the best dining, shopping, neighborhoods, events, and more. If you are thinking of making Kiawah Island your full-time or seasonal home, it is a great way to start researching the area. Find out about the various attractions, activities, and amenities Kiawah Island has to offer, then contact Pam Harrington Exclusives. Our experienced agents will be happy to answer any outstanding questions as you begin your search for your ideal island home.


Experiencing the Kiawah Island Fishing Pier

The Kiawah Island fishing pier is located on a large bass pond near Rhett’s Bluff. It is easiest to access the pond and pier from Vanderhorst Plantation and the Turtle Point area. This still body of water is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a day of bass fishing. Everyone from the novice to the expert angler will love the serenity, the scenery, and the sport. Even better, there is plenty of space for parking cars and bikes near the pier. It is undoubtedly one of the best fishing spots on Kiawah.


Other Fishing Opportunities on Kiawah Island

After you have experienced the Kiawah Island fishing pier, you may want to try something different. Fortunately, there are many other ways to take part in this popular island hobby. If you want to stay on land, Beachwalker and Night Heron Park are both excellent choices. (Remember, when fishing on the island, always use a dock instead of standing on a bank. This will keep you out of the way of our native alligators.) You can also rent a boat or book a fishing charter. No matter what you choose, you will not be disappointed with the fishing on Kiawah Island.


Experience the Best of Kiawah Island, SC, with Pam Harrington Exclusives

A day at the Kiawah Island fishing pier doesn’t have to be a one-time event. When you move to Kiawah, Seabrook Island, or another locale in the Charleston, SC, area, you can experience it every weekend. Pam Harrington Exclusives can help you find the ideal home or vacation property within minutes of the best fishing spots. We have access to the top properties in the Lowcountry and would love to help match you with your South Carolina dream home. Browse our current listings today to start your search.