Move to Kiawah Island vs The Villages: What You Need to Know

If you’ve recently retired, congratulations! Now, it’s time to find the perfect place to spend your golden years. Among America’s most popular retirement communities are The Villages and Kiawah Island, so we’ve created a guide to help you decide which community best suits you. After your research, we invite you to get to know our beloved Charleston Sea Island a bit better! Schedule a complimentary island tour with us at Pam Harrington Exclusives. We will show you the ins and outs of Kiawah Island, including neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, and more.

Retiring in The Villages vs. Kiawah Island


In terms of recreation and entertainment, both The Villages and Kiawah Island have a lot. While both communities offer championship golf, you’ll find more than golf on Kiawah Island. When you join the Kiawah Island Club, you’ll have access to championship golf, award-winning tennis, swimming, exclusive dining, spa treatments, social events, and more. In addition, the beach is always a short walk (or golf cart ride) away. With so much to do and such a desirable location, your friends and family will love visiting Kiawah Island!

Shopping & Dining

Both Kiawah Island and The Villages are home to hundreds of boutique shops and restaurants. Once again, Kiawah Island wins when it comes to variety. Take a trip to Kiawah Island’s Freshfields Village where you’ll find resort-style shops such as Lilly Pulitzer and Tommy Bahama. This unique shopping area also boasts exceptional restaurants, such as La Tela Pizzeria and Cantina 76.

Don’t forget to stop by Fortyeight Wine Bar for free wine tastings each Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., or the Freshfields Farmers Market which runs most of the year! These are a few perks of island living. Find more free events by viewing the Freshfields Village calendar!


Before you pack your bags for Florida or South Carolina, it’s important to consider the weather. After all, it is a huge factor in living comfortably. Both Central Florida and the South Carolina Lowcountry experience beautiful weather throughout the year. You can always look forward to plenty of sunshine and mild winters. However, Kiawah Island has the benefit of coastal breezes from the Atlantic Ocean that make the summers more enjoyable.

Another climate factor to be aware of is the possibility of hurricanes. According to historical data, Florida is the most likely state to be hit by a major hurricane. While these storms can also happen on Kiawah Island, they are less likely to hit the South Carolina coast. Please keep in mind that in the event of a hurricane, local government and news outlets ensure that residents are prepared well ahead of time.

Let Us Help You Find the Retirement Home of Your Dreams

Now that you know the key differences between The Villages and Kiawah Island, let us help you make your retirement dreams a reality. When choosing the perfect Kiawah Island home for you, location is key. If you’re looking for easy access to award-winning tennis and golf, then you will love West Beach Village. Golf and tennis lovers will also feel equally at home in Kiawah’s East Beach Village! Try out Kiawah Island living for yourself by staying in one of our beautiful Kiawah Island vacation rentals, and remember to book an island tour with us during your stay!

Please contact us at (843) 768-3635 with any more questions you have about retirement on Kiawah Island. We can’t wait to help you navigate this next exciting chapter of your life!