How to Be Successful at Owning a Rental Property in the Lowcountry

The real estate market is hot right now. It’s a great time to own a rental property on Kiawah Island or Seabrook Island. The islands are located away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Charleston. The private, gated beach communities, Kiawah and Seabrook Island provide everything that families and couples look for in a vacation.

For example, gorgeous accommodations, luxurious amenities, easy access to the beach, options for dining, and shopping are just a few. If you would like to be successful at owning a rental property in the Lowcountry, you should keep these two destinations at the top of your list.

You may already know that owning a rental property is an excellent investment. You may, however, be wondering how to become a rental property owner. With over 44 years of Kiawah and Seabrook Island real estate experience, Pam Harrington Exclusives can help guide you through the entire process with ease.

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Owning a Rental Property on Kiawah or Seabrook Island: 3 Things to Consider

1. Choose A Desirable Destination

People looking to book a vacation often have three things in mind: weather, location, and nearby attractions. South Carolina’s Lowcountry is particularly appealing because of the region’s mild year-round climate and wealth of activities.

Kiawah Kayaking

Water enthusiasts staying on Kiawah and Seabrook Islands may enjoy boating, fishing, crabbing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding.  For beachcombers, Kiawah Island offers 10 miles of private beaches.  If you love to bike Kiawah Island features 30 miles of walkable, bikeable trails.

Seabrook Island offers the quiet escape that many visitors look for in a vacation, with 2,200 acres of beaches, maritime forests, and marshes.

These barrier islands are also convenient to casual and fine dining restaurants, award-winning spas, and boutique shops. The best part? Downtown Charleston is just a short drive from it all. Guests can enjoy the peace and privacy of a gated beach community while being minutes from all the main attractions.

Between the prime location and endless activities, owning a rental property on Kiawah or Seabrook Island will surely attract a great following, and a good rental income.

2. Attractive Property Amenities

Owning a rental property means you’ll need to budget for property taxes, insurance, and HOA fees. You can offset these expenses by making sure it’s rented during high season and peak weeks during the year.

owning a rental home on kiawah

To ensure a steady rental following, you should also update your property with a variety of vacation rental amenities.

Modern finishes, new appliances, entertainment options, and plenty of comfortable outdoor space will make your rental property more appealing to the discerning vacationer.

Pride of ownership is everything when it comes to a successful vacation rental!

3. Partner With an Experienced Agent

When it comes to owning a rental property on Kiawah or Seabrook, you’ll want to partner with a team of experienced professionals. If you already own property on Kiawah or Seabrook Islands and are considering a rental program during peak months, let Kiawah Exclusives or Seabrook Exclusives assist you with the details.

Pam Harrington Team

Previously owned and managed by Pam Harrington Exclusives for over 43 years, Kiawah and Seabrook Exclusives are known for top-notch property management services.

The local sales agents at Pam Harrington Exclusives are well versed in Kiawah / Seabrook re-sales and rental histories, and will seamlessly guide you through the process of renting your newly purchased Kiawah or Seabrook Island home. 

For additional tips and pointers on owning a vacation rental, consider these 6 factors before listing your home as a vacation rental.

Find A Seabrook Rental or Kiawah Investment Property with Pam Harrington Exclusives

Whether you are looking to purchase a rental property on Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, or even the historic peninsula of Charleston, the skilled agents at Pam Harrington Exclusives will help you find the perfect home, offering the best return for your specific purchase. Rental income from Kiawah or Seabrook vacation rentals will help to offset your ownership costs and annual fees.

It’s worth noting that thousands of golf fans and enthusiasts will be searching for vacation rentals on Kiawah and Seabrook Islands after watching Phil Mickleson’s historic 2021 PGA Championship win on one of the most challenging golf courses in the world - further ensuring your solid rental investment for many years to come.

Our attention to detail and personalized service make investing in a property an easy experience.

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